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SUNSHINE is a nonfiction collection of 59 poems, inspired by my personal love experience. The poems themed on happy-sad moments, vulnerabilities, doubts, questions and the fantasies that come with love and relationships. And you’d most likely relate to them. The poems were forged from the deepest part of my heart, passing out important messages and vital lessons


$2.00 $2.50

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What the author has to say: The book Sunshine wasn’t something I planned to publish. Writing about love as always been my speciality, but the poems written in Sunshine were meant for my diary. Why? Because they were written at a point when I was developing a likeness for someone of the opposite sex. And you know how uneasy that can be for a Christian teenager that I was then. So, in the haze of my love, crush, infatuation, or anything you call it, I gave this supposed lover of mine a name (Sunshine) firstly because of her complexion and secondly because of how she made me feel.


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